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Wolves VTC
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International Community
Members of different Nations trucking together.
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Verified VTC
Good Reputation within the TruckersMP-Community

Our Convoys

We host a public convoy and multiple private convoys each month.
We constantly come up with new ideas to make our convoys as unique and enjoyable as possible. Furthermore, we also attend convoys of other VTC, often with slots booked for our company. If you are the leader of another VTC, you can book slots for our public convoys on our discord server.
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Our Perks

We are equipped with our own VTRPC tracker and our own custom TruckersMP UI.
Our drivers are well experienced people, several members of our VTC are also part of the TruckersMP staff. We are using VTLog to log our cargo and Discord as a means of communcation.
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Great Community

Join us for more fun at your virtual Trucking experience.

We act like a Trucker-Family

We are often in contact with each other and play other games together


Whenever you are driving on TruckersMP Servers, you are required to have "Wolves™" in your ingame tag.
We expect professional behavior from our drivers, as such you are expected to follow all applicable rules, laws and regulations.
You are not allowed to be part of any other VTC while in Wolves™.
Don't disrespect other users and management, let's have fun!
All drivers must follow the TruckersMP rules. The Wolves™ staff will be checking your punishment history and there will be consequences if you get banned.